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Elitker Plusz Kft - The Best Online Shop For Beautiful YOU

Elitker Plusz Kft is a one-stop beauty destination for luxury skin care and cosmetic products. We founded the wholesale cosmetic store online to celebrate the evolution of beauty with the widest yet finest selection of beauty products. Our product-line guides you to discover your inner beauty, spot your amazing side, and boost your confidence. Since our inception, the team with its branded selection have passionately helped the clients to make better choices in life, specifically for self-care!

Being one of the best beauty cosmetics suppliers online company based in Hungary and France, we import, export and distribute luxury skincare and cosmetics. With over 15 years of experience in the beauty and wellness industry, we worked with the goal to secure our position as the best of the best and deliver innovative spa elements, makeup kits supplies, and beauty solutions to make the world more beautiful and business more revenue generating. We bring before our customers, the best yet cheap makeup products online from the best brands such as Dior, Bourjois Paris, Uriage Eau Thermale, Nuxe Paris, Bioderma, La Roche-Posay, Givenchy, Vichy, Chanel, La Prairie Switzerland, Anastasia, L'Occitane, Valmont, Lancome, Caudalie, Eastee Lauder and more. Moreover, we keep on updating our inventory regularly with the newest products from each and every wholesale skin care products suppliers.

As we stand among the best makeup kits suppliers, we try to bestow the best products upon our clients. We offer each and every essential element required throughout the day to keep you FRESH & BEAUTIFUL. The selection includes foundation for flawless skin, eye shadow to dramatize the glance, exquisite perfume to nurture the feminism, lipsticks to give you a luscious charm, and many more to heighten your beauty! Discover our comprehensive collection wholesale cheap makeup products that will subtly make a huge difference in your life and make you fall in love with yourself EVERY MOMENT!

Elitker Plusz Kft as a makeup kits suppliers online store that features trendy and high-end beauty products, at the lowest prices with the assurance of greatest service and satisfaction! We are the ultimate destination of complete range of beauty and makeup products, body and hair care, cosmetics and perfumes for salon owners, cosmetics wholesale distributors, home consumers, students in training and professionals. The three favorable points that make us stand out among the best wholesale cosmetics suppliers: the unrivaled collection of the finest beauty products, excellent customer service, and cheapest price. Try us once and we assure you will never need to shop anywhere else.

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