About Us

Elitker Plusz Kft is a cosmetic trading company based in Hungary and France.
We import, export and distribute luxury skin care and cosmetics, including but not limited to Worldwide. Our aim is to be the international partner with our valuable clients and provide services characterized with professionalism, trust and passion.

A promise from the owner of Elitker Plusz Kft : It's very simple, every single product sold on this website is absolutely 100% Authentic! GUARANTEED! If you feel any product you have purchased from Elitker Plusz Kft is anything less than absolutely authentic, return it! That's it. My name is Gari and I am the owner of Elitker Plusz Kft . My company Elitker Plusz Kft has been in business for over 15 years and let's be honest, if we were selling anything other than authentic products, we would not have lasted for more than a decade. As a consumer myself, I want to know that every product I personally purchase is authentic and I expect no less for my customers. My name and my integrity are far more valueable to me than making money off selling anything less than authentic. Rest assured I am commited to your satisfaction and more importantly your safety. I invite you to contact me at any time with any comment, questions or concerns .

Our Strengths

100% Authentic! Guaranteed

Competitive Price

Facilitation in Trading